Can You Build On Rural Land And What Are The Restrictions?

Many people have dreams of buying land and building a home. This isn’t the 1800s anymore, but while we don’t live on the frontier, there is plenty of rural land still out there. This is especially true for certain areas of the US. When you buy a large tract of land, you are free to build, right? Yes, but of course it can be a little more complicated than that.

You need to know the zoning of the land, and you need to know if you have access to utilities. Are there are restrictions in place regarding what you build? Furthermore, is the land even ready to build on? You certainly want all your ducks in a row ahead of time if you plan to buy land and build. That includes knowing that you bought the right land for what you plan to build and getting together with a contractor to start gathering all the details.

There is a lot to building from the ground up, whether you know it already or not. Perhaps you do, and it is you that wants to do the building. My friends built their home on land out in rural Texas, and they did a fine job on it, too. Naturally, another thing you need to realize about building anything is all kinds of small decisions can throw your budget up against the wall.

You are going to want to set a budget and stick to it once you get into the building phase. Just understand that you need to be prepared by knowing the ins and outs of building on rural land, specifically in your local area and regarding what you personally plan to build. If you know what you are doing and have your plan in place, then it is time to break ground.